Te Kahu o Taonui

Brand Identity

Te Kahu o Taonui

Brand Identity

The Te Kahu o Taonui brand is much more than its tohu alone. The brand is reflected in the Company's mission, core values, and strategic themes as communicated through all messaging and interactions with constituents.

Nomad Studios was approached to support the refresh of the Te Kahu o Taonui brand identity and tohu. This tohu refresh was to be based on the original work by Jim Wiki and inspired by the Korero provided by Dame Naida on the whakapapa of Te Kahu o Taonui and Taonui who inspired the Kotahitanga movement across Tai Tokerau.

Formed in 2015, the purpose of Te Kahu o Taonui is to create a taumata for our Iwi Chairs to come together, to wānanga, share ideas and concerns and also utilise the power of our collective Iwi to create more opportunities to benefit all of our whānau, hapuū and Marae. Te Kahu o Taonui as a brand is to show we are united, strong, educated and confident, prepared to create solutions for Maori in the Tai Tokerau regarding many political issues. With the core brand values of unity, connection, communication and leadership, Te Kahu o Taonui act as a collective voice, where members of Iwi can feel confident and safe in their collective leadership. Te Kahu o Taonui are working together for the common good of all Iwi, building strength in numbers and working with Government Agencies and Departments, communicate effectively and create solutions/outcomes for Maori people in Te Tai Tokerau.

The corporate logo is presented through the use of colour as well as shape and form. The two Te Kahu o Taonui corporate colours are dark blue and red. It is a classic and timeless combination of colours chosen for their strong associations of strength, trust, education, communication, leadership, and compassion. The tohu represents the character of the rangatira, Taonui. He was a fiercely charismatic and intelligent prophet. The bottom tāniko are separated, to create niho taniwha and emphasise a disconnection of the lower end of consciousness. The top half is connected to represent the higher end of consciousness.

Initially, the refreshed tohu was designed in black and red to connect to the whakataukī -mā pango, mā whero, ka oti ai te mahi. However, we have changed these colours to dark blue, red and white. The three distinct colours (dark blue, red and white) are a representation of Tino Rangatiratanga.The shift in design from the original tohu is also a shift in mindset. Māori can often be reluctant to express their culture. This refreshed tohu represents a new mentality of being upfront, staunch, and fiercely proud of our Māoritanga, much like the niho of a taniwha or Taonui.

He mokopona tātou, hei kanohi mō wātū - We are mokopuna, that are the faces of the present.

This refreshed tohu straightens the original design and sharpens the minor details within the initial tohu. This represents a need to think diversely to create a better future for our mokopuna. Furthermore, whist the colours are separated in this design, the boldness of the tohu maintains a hāngaitanga, or connection through its simplicity.

As part of the project, Nomad Studios also developed a visual brand book, utilising the strong and dynamic feel of Te Kahu o Taonui as a brand. Due to the mana behind the Te Kahu o Toanui brand tohu and what art represents, a brand book is a perfect resource to ensure the new brand design remains consistent in all future application and continues sharing, communicating and leading through all messaging and interactions with constituents.

This project was completed in collaboration with Making Everything Achievable.


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