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Strike Entertainment

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Strike Entertainment is a bowling, laser tag, bar and entertainment space, based in Lower Hutt, Wellington. Strike reached out to Nomad Studios to bring to life their annual campaigns that run throughout the year, advertising across digital platforms and in-house print media.

In preparation for the festive season, Strike Entertainment looked to Nomad Studios to design and develop visuals for an array of promotions, collateral, and social media content, advertising all that Strike has to offer. This was to stimulate bookings of events, event spaces, and general enquiries leading up to Christmas and school holidays – some of their busiest times.

Strike began with wanting to showcase and advertise their laser tag area for kids parties, events, and day-to-day or walk-in bookings. To achieve this, Nomad Studios designed 3D graphics of bowling balls, pins and laser tag guns to use across pamphlets, party invitations, and billboard space outside the entrance of Strike Entertainment. These 3D elements were arranged in a cluster, fanning out reflecting a competition or game challenge grand finale. To not only grab one's attention, but to appeal to anyone of any age bracket as being fun and exciting, both the invitations and pamphlets were designed in a way that is economical to print and produce.

Strike's outdoor billboard was designed to fit the space, but also be cold and concise for people to read in a snap while passing. This billboard can be seen from the motorway, and by pedestrians, therefore designing a strong visual billboard became incredibly important by sharing the necessary information, however, while best utilising the design real estate the billboard had to offer. After conceptualising and co-creating with Strike, the final result did just that - a bold to-brand billboard, with all the necessary contact information, able to be read in a snap second. This billboard is on display outside Strike Entertainment.

Inside of Strike Entertainment, is an upstairs function room, able to be booked out for formal events, office parties or gatherings. Nomad Studios designed a promotional pamphlet able to be handed out as an informative document, showcasing the space, features, and catering options for the event. This was also designed in a way that became evergreen content for Stike, regardless of the festive season. This promotional element had a flow-on effect, resulting in a 'Bowl & Battle with Strike' campaign further advertising this space as a package with Strike's other activity areas. Facebook cover images, social media posts, in-house screen signage, and A0 posters were designed as a part of this promotion, coving all bases and media platforms to share the campaign with as many individuals as possible. These can be viewed on Strike's social media channels.

With this, Strike's food and beverage menus were also requested to be updated. These were to be tall, elegant, and sophisticated, however, need to remain simple and straight forward for both adults and children to navigate. Nomad Studios designed these to be a tri-fold menu, with a separate double-sided drinks menu able to fit inside of the food menu. Using Strike's main colours of navy and grey, these menus were designed in a way that was evergreen and timeless, without the need to be updated seasonally.


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