Making Everything Achievable

Brand Identity

Making Everything Achievable

Brand Identity

As an acronym for ‘Making Everything Achievable’ MEA works in partnership with others to co-create and craft tribal, digital and creative solutions in communications and community development . MEA is recognised for their capability, credibility, and position in the market as an expert service provider with a passion for people, technology and transformation.

MEA approached Nomad Studios to refresh the MEA brand, extenuating their brand story within the design, sharing that MEA is a brand that co-creates and communicates with integrity. With many elements of MEA's overall brand being refreshed, this logo mark was to be designed to be striking yet fluid, able to be used across mixed-media platforms. The lettering of 'MEA' was to be the main focus of the design, with an expanded letter mark and slogan beneath. Three variations of the MEA logo were produced to achieve this.

With the continuation of MEA's existing colour pallet of black, navy, blue, grey and white, we refreshed these colours to be bolder and richer, incorporating a silver to add dimension to the overall corporate branding. This colour system reflects and represents trust, communication and partnership. While blues are associated as the colour of the sky and water, blues also convey trust, strength and security. Silvers reflect a sense of practicality and neutrality, with a representation of the earth and maunga and the connectivity of the two.

As the main focus of this logo mark is the lettering of MEA, the corporate logo is presented through the use of colour as well as shape and form. Each letter has its mana, showcased through strategic design alluding to manga (mountains) and moana (water) and the growth and development base of ideas and execution. The logo has been designed to bold, strong and simple, yet with elements that cross over to represent co-creation. With a combination of three colours, this brand identity is strong in colouring and style, represent strength, partnership, and trust.

The Making Everything Achievable corporate logo comprises three elements: the MEA Primary Logo, MEA Secondary Logo and MEA Logo Symbol. The MEA Logo Symbol is a powerful image evoking the culture of design services - the connection between the strength of communication and co-creation of work between MEA and its clients. The Logo Symbol can be read as "MEA" as a stand-alone element, or supported with the logotype – Montserrat, a well-balanced contemporary serif with roots in calligraphy, well suited for body text both across both digital and print platforms.

Supporting this logo, we also developed corporate brand assets to enhance MEA's visual identity. These corporate brand assets act as elements that work in conjunction with their corporate logo, which people recognise and associate to the brand. A koru design element has been developed to use as a whole to brand elements such as print-based media and documentation or sectioned to use to across smaller collateral such as business cards and digital platforms.

As part of the project, Nomad Studios also developed a visual brand book, utilising the identity MEA as a brand showcasing its strength and sophistication. Due to the collaborative work and story that MEA represents as a brand mark, a brand book is a perfect resource to ensure the new brand design remains consistent in all future application and continues sharing, communicating and leading through all messaging and interactions with its stakeholders.


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