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Advanced HVAC Solutions

Brand Identity
Digital & Web

Advanced HVAC Solutions is a consultancy service providing heating, cooling and airconditioning solutions for large-scale industrial projects. With their main base in Auckland, Advanced HVAC Solutions works with stakeholders in both the price and public sectors and required a crisp, formal brand identity to use across their communications media.

With these three main colours used in Advanced HVAC's corporate mark, allows for the logo to be the main focus when used across white, print-based media – the predominant use for the logo mark. With the nature of work and projects Advanced HVAC Solutions is involved in, three colours were used these to begin framing HVAC's identity. Red representing heat, blue representing cooling, and black alluding to industrial building and systems. These three colourways were dictated by their need to have clarity, and a formal essence when used on white media.

Angular triangles red and blue have been situated as overlapping elements, representing all temperatures of airflow being constantly amalgamated with one and other. Throughout Advanced HVAC Solutions branding, red is situated above and over blue, in every instance as heat rises over cooler air. This was an important element to incorporate across this identity in all instances. These two integrated elements of red and blue have then been framed by a black triangle as the systems and processes Advanced HVAC operates with are inside of industrial buildings, structures, and systems.

Across print-based documentation such as letterheads and invoices, we further developed this logo mark to be placed across the width of formal documentation. This was a subtle yet powerful addition to Advanced HVAC's collateral as a singular elongated black line represented the longevity, durability, and reliability of outcomes and services they provide their clients. This has come to be one of the more significant elements of Advanced HVAC's branding.

Nomad Studios has produced Advanced HVAC's brand identity, including logo marks, letterheads, invoice bases, email signatures and Business cards. This corporate logo mark has been implemented into HVAC Solutions brand identity and used across all communications media. We are now working on developing a website platform as a means to further support communication and contact with their stakeholders.


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